Month: December 2012

Life Changed in the Blink of an Eye

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Jules Stein Eye Institute Continues to allow the Retina Division Chief to Verbally Assaults Patients Going Blind.

“I am discussing confidential patient files in there and it is NOT okay for you to barge in. You don’t come through a door you didn’t come through!”

stock photo of woman lying on a gurney having an ERG test to diagnose retinitis pigmentosa.

UCLA Jules Stein: ERG (day two) and CT

I had my umpteenth visual field test and as usual, feel like I didn’t do so hot but at least it
is not as grueling as the ERG. McGee’s doctor scheduled her to return 12/20 and
once again, I won’t be there for my daughter as I will be in the hospital after
my left shoulder replacement.

Day 2 of the ERG was not as grueling;
there was no light adaptation
required so that helped. Sara, the tech, is awesome
and makes it much less scary. I was able to listen to my audiobook so that helped tremendously to make the time go by faster.

UCLA Jules Stein: ERG Testing Day One

TBGirl BLOG POST TITLE: UCLA Jules Stein: My First Visit DATE WRITTEN: 11-26-2012 DATE POSTED: DATE BACK POSTED: 11-26-2012 NOTES/COMMENTS: 11-26-2012- First Visit to Jules Stein Monday, November 26, 2012, 7:27 PM My appointment was at 930 – saw an ophthalmology technician. She did the basic tests – cover the right eye then the left,…
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