Month: August 2015

Life Changed in the Blink of an Eye

photo of yorkie wearing fake service dog

How FAKE Service Animals HURT the Disabled/Blind Community as well as the Animal.

Look what my FeeBee got!!! She is now “officially” a service dog with FULL ACCESS TO ALL PUBLIC PLACES! Her cute little vest spells it all out: “The ADA mandates that this dog and handler have full access to all public places. It is the LAW. FULL ACCESS”! Now my baby can accompany me anywhere…
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Dear Facebook

Why do you keep talking to the press and posting on your site how much you have accomplished on accessibility page when your mobile app does not work any better than it did when you started this whole accessibility campaign? I know I am one of millions struggling to use your mobile app and there are much larger problems in the world. I also accept that I am in a demographic you really don’t have to care about and I’m realistic. After all, dumping resources into making a bunch of disabled people’s lives easier probably is not going to have much of an impact on your bottom line at the end of the day anyway. I am just sick of the hypocrisy.