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The Tenacious Blind Girl
The Tenacious Blind Girl

Hello, I am Shell, aka The Tenacious Blind Girl. I am going blind and I have learned how to be happy and live a good life. At the age of 48, I was living the dream and having it all. My life was never easy by any means (whose is?) but I knew we were blessed. I had married my one true love, we raised two beautiful, independent, accomplished daughters, and we thought the only changes life had in store for our immediate future was becoming “empty nesters”. Our oldest daughter, Reese was 26 and our youngest, McGee was 24. I would be remiss if I failed to mention our two beloved dogs: Kelsie, a 13 year old Fox Terrier/Shitzu mix and Pheebie, our 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier.

Photo of Tenacious Blind Girl fighting off the alligators.
Being blind is like fighting alligators at times-overcoming one barrier after another.

We were about to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary when my health started circling the drain. It went fast and by the end of the following year, our lives looked nothing like the ones we had envisioned for ourselves. My beloved career as a RN Director was over, I was approved for SSDI on my first try and our lives had literally changed in the blink of an eye.

And here is where the Tenaciousness comes in. At first, I was devastated and thought my life was over. But then I decided I would face this thing head on and tried to learn everything I could about my declining health. It seemed easier to deal with it one little chunk at a time. Don’t get me wrong; I have my really bad days (like anyone!) But I was born Tenacious. I have never shied away from a challenge and once I wrapped my brain around the fact that my body and eyes were deteriorating, my Tenaciousness kicked in and I decided I had two choices: figure out what my new normal looked like and adapt -OR- sit home and wallow in my losses. By now, you may have an idea on path I chose…

If you or someone you care for is trying how to cope with accessibility, blindness, low vision, visual impairment, physically handicapped, handicapable, physically challenged, or just want a safe, supportive online environment, hop over to our sister site the Low Vision Support Group.