Introducing Shell’s Shabby Shed!

When I was diagnosed with RP, I needed an outdoor space I could do gardening, chalk paint, make wreaths, and other crafts and hobbies. This is the side of our house that my contractor uncle built just for me!

I know it just looks like a junkyard but believe it or not, it’s my happy place! I could not have gotten through many of the struggles and downtimes without the ability to go out there, look up at the sky, and DIY to my little heart’s content!

One downside of it is that it has become the “dumping ground” for stuff. So every once in awhile, I have to straighten things up. What better activity for the quarantine than this? Of course, it will never be really “clean”. In the shed, “clean” means you can see the table tops and have the space to use all the fun tools I have acquired over the years. in a new tab)

Author: Tenayshus