You Are Invited to Join In The Conversation!

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You Are Invited to Join In The Conversation!

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Hi There!

I am Tenayshus (aka Shell) You are invited to join Low Vision Support Group (LVSG) ( an online community where folks  with Low Vision and their support system can connect, inspire, educate and empower one another as we face the challenges of vision loss TOGETHER.

Cartoon of Tenacious Blind Girl wearing purple jacket, white cane and sunglasses. Inviting users to join.

The nickname Tenayshus came from my persistence and refusal to let my vision loss and disabilities define or constrain me. I am documenting my journey through vision loss and permanent disability on my Seeing Eye Blog at ( . Please stop by when you get a chance!


Tenayshus (Shellianne Redding, RN, BSHA)

Founder Owner &


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