Living in a tunnel with Usher Syndrome by MollyWatt

Photo simulation of eyesight by Molly Watt. Photo

This is a screenshot that speaks a thousand words. It is a vision simulation to demonstrate how Molly Watt, a #Deafblind lady who lives in the United Kingdom, sees the world. This image resonates with me because it is very similar to my tunnel vision from RP. In my case, various shades of grey to black are where the constellation of dots in Molly’s vision is. I find images that simulate low vision / blindness are critical to educating the sighted population on what we do and do not see. As Molly points out in her video, this is how SHE sees the world as each of us have varying levels of sight as well as different ways it manifests.

Molly Watt was one of a handful of people I followed on social media after I was diagnosed with RP. She probably doesn’t have any idea how much her videos, blog, social media posts, etc. have helped me to COPE with my new diagnosis.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Molly Watt for being there for me even though you probably did not know I existed.

Author: Tenayshus