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You Are Invited to Join In The Conversation!

I am Tenayshus (aka Shell) You are invited to join Low Vision Support Group (LVSG) (https://LowVisionSupportGroup.com) an online community where folks with Low Vision and their support system can connect, inspire, educate and empower one another as we face the challenges of vision loss TOGETHER.

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When your doctor is scarier than learning you are going blind.

Excerpts from visits with Dr. Schwartz :
*12-17-12:” I don’t know if you’ll remain sighted”.

“In my professional opinion, you will probably never be totally blind”.

*Dr. Schwartz screamed at my mom: “Ma’am, when you ask me a question and I expect you to pay attention to me while I answer it. You come here, you berate my staff and now you’re ignoring me when I talk!”

“”Your vision was a little worse than the previous visit.”

*”You are probably at the end of a phase of fast progression and will enter the last phase and your vision will stay the same.”

*“DOCTOR TO NURSE!!! “Your crying is DISPROPORTIONATE to your condition!”

–Steven Daniel Schwartz, MD

Photo of shoppers at warehouse store hoarding for 2020 COID-19 pandemic.

Apparently, 2020 was NOT the first TP “Crisis” in the US….

Who knew there was a toilet paper “crisis” in 1973? Ok I guess I should have known because I was 9 years old at the time. I remember the gas shortage but guess since my bedtime was before the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson aired.

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How FAKE Service Animals HURT the Disabled/Blind Community as well as the Animal.

Look what my FeeBee got!!! She is now “officially” a service dog with FULL ACCESS TO ALL PUBLIC PLACES! Her cute little vest spells it all out: “The ADA mandates that this dog and handler have full access to all public places. It is the LAW. FULL ACCESS”! Now my baby can accompany me anywhere…
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Dear Facebook

Why do you keep talking to the press and posting on your site how much you have accomplished on accessibility page when your mobile app does not work any better than it did when you started this whole accessibility campaign? I know I am one of millions struggling to use your mobile app and there are much larger problems in the world. I also accept that I am in a demographic you really don’t have to care about and I’m realistic. After all, dumping resources into making a bunch of disabled people’s lives easier probably is not going to have much of an impact on your bottom line at the end of the day anyway. I am just sick of the hypocrisy.

photo of blind student with white cane being shown orientation and mobility.

Ask Don’t Grab

I had a disturbing encounter today. My caregiver dropped me at the hospital curb for Physical therapy and as I was walking through an automatic door I’ve walked through a million times, I felt someone gently grabbing my arms from behind at the same time I heard a male voice saying “you’re okay….just go a…
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Jules Stein Eye Institute Continues to allow the Retina Division Chief to Verbally Assaults Patients Going Blind.

“I am discussing confidential patient files in there and it is NOT okay for you to barge in. You don’t come through a door you didn’t come through!”

stock photo of woman lying on a gurney having an ERG test to diagnose retinitis pigmentosa.

UCLA Jules Stein: ERG (day two) and CT

I had my umpteenth visual field test and as usual, feel like I didn’t do so hot but at least it
is not as grueling as the ERG. McGee’s doctor scheduled her to return 12/20 and
once again, I won’t be there for my daughter as I will be in the hospital after
my left shoulder replacement.

Day 2 of the ERG was not as grueling;
there was no light adaptation
required so that helped. Sara, the tech, is awesome
and makes it much less scary. I was able to listen to my audiobook so that helped tremendously to make the time go by faster.

UCLA Jules Stein: ERG Testing Day One

TBGirl BLOG POST TITLE: UCLA Jules Stein: My First Visit DATE WRITTEN: 11-26-2012 DATE POSTED: DATE BACK POSTED: 11-26-2012 NOTES/COMMENTS: 11-26-2012- First Visit to Jules Stein Monday, November 26, 2012, 7:27 PM My appointment was at 930 – saw an ophthalmology technician. She did the basic tests – cover the right eye then the left,…
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photo of the back of any eye to show retina

UCLA Jules Stein: 1st Visit with Dr. Jekyll

Appt at 930 – saw an ophthalmology technician. She did the basic tests – cover the right eye then the left, read the chart, etc. Then she numbed my eyes, did the thing where they touch your eye with the pen. Then she dilated me and sent us back out to the waiting room. Mom…
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Photo depicting visual field.

I Woke Up with Lupus and Went to Bed Visually Impaired.

The neurologist is testing me for Myasthenia Gravis but is 95% sure I don’t have it. He also ordered a cervical spine CT to see if my issues are caused by compressed spine. The really scary part is that I  failed the part of the neuro exam that looks at visual field. He had me cover my left eye and my right side was unable to see anything beyond a tunnel. It’s like looking at the world through a tunnel (hence why they call it tunnel vision). It explains the car accidents, the falling and bumping into people and things.

I was sent immediately for an ophthalmology exam. Ophthalmology is at another campus so we had to get a cab to get there. I saw a Fellow; Dr. A. and she said my intraocular pressure was good; indicating I don’t have glaucoma. That’s the good news; the bad news is, she has no idea what it is. She scheduled me for a visual field test tomorrow and to consult with her attending, Dr. S.

Today was emotional to say the least; my epiphany in the neuro exam was more like an emotional breakdown. All I keep thinking is “I’m screwed”. My mom keeps telling me not to worry until I have to but I can’t help how I feel. I’m petrified.

Lets clean this joint up: Shoulder Replacement #1

I had right shoulder replacement surgery today due to severe eroding osteoarthritis. It went well and family was all there to support me. I am very blessed. I’m in isolation because my pre-op testing nasal swab came back positive for MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). So, all my visitors have to wear gowns and gloves…
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Xray of bilateral femoral neck (hip) fractures

My Workers Compensation Nightmare

The workers compensation system was started as a safety net to protect workers who were injured at work. However, in its current state, the system is a joke at best. The workers compensation insurance industry used to be a big money loser until nationwide reforms in the early 1990s. Since then, workers compensation insurance companies profits have exploded, employer premiums have decreased, and the financial and emotional exploitation of the injured worker has become standard operating procedure. The saddest part is that it isn’t expected to change any time soon!